Oklahoma police beat Luis Rodriguez to death in front of theater in front of wife & daughter

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Unarmed father beaten to death outside movie theater while trying to settle family dispute

MOORE, OK — A family’s night at the movies on Valentine’s Day turned into a horror show when a husband and father was beaten to death outside a cinema by police officers.

Things had not gone smoothly for the Rodriguez family — who reside in Norman, OK — due to a dispute which took place between Mrs. Nair Rodriguez and her 19-year-old daughter, Luinahi. Mrs. Rodriguez says her daughter had been lying to her so she slapped her during the argument, which took place outside the Warren Theater during the early hours of February 15th.

A bystander reported the incident and got the government involved. A bad situation would soon turn horribly worse.

Mrs. Rodriguez had stormed away from her daughter, upset at what had happened. Luis went after her to calm her down. That’s when several Moore Police officers approached.

Luinahi and Nair both witnessed what happened next. They say Luis, age 44, tried to bypass the officers as they were attempting to ask him for identification. Luis didn’t want his wife to drive away while she was angry, so he continued towards her.

That’s when Mr. Rodriguez was taken down, and beaten to death by five officers. His family witnessed him getting pummeled with fists, knees, and pepper spray until he was bloody and lifeless.

“Five guys got on top of him, beating him ruthlessly. On the head– just pow, pow, pow. Even with knees,” Luinahi tearfully explained.

Mrs. Rodriguez pulled out a cell phone to record the incident. “I’m recording because this is too much,” she says.

Her video began after the brutal beating was over, and only captured the moments when Luis was already on the ground, being pressed into the cement by five men, and then loaded onto a stretcher.

Even though the man is on the ground, motionless, officers tell him to “calm down,” as he suffers under the weight of several police officers. They handcuff him with ease and slowly roll him over, revealing his battered appearance. He cannot sit up under his own strength.

“Papa? Are you OK?” asks his wife of 22 years. Then a stretcher rolls out and the gravity of the situation sets in. “Is he OK?! He doesn’t move! You killed him! You killed my husband!”

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